Hello, Wonderful World!

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I am back

After years of making a silent pause, I finally decided to get back to personal blogging.

There are some special occasions why I am doing that.

First of all, now I have a more precise understanding of myself and the direction I am going to, and I want to express my opinion about what matters to me.

Also, I have a couple of lifetime projects that I am building. These are tools to improve your life and the lives around you. So I want to spread the word about them.

My lifetime projects

Soon I will be founding a company “Human Insights” “Websightful”. This company will manage two of my mentioned projects:

  • Non-commercial non-political donor-centered donation platform Make Impact. Over time I can promise the best user experience for making donations to causes that matter to you.
  • Commercial progressive strategic prioritizer 1st things 1st. With this tool, you can sort anything by the criteria that are important to you. This strategic prioritizer should fund the donation platform.

You will learn something about them in this blog often.

“Websightful” will be bootstrapped, which means that I will use my finances to start it, and I will not apply for venture capital. I made this decision to have better control of the direction of those projects so that I could always balance the growth and sustainability.

In the beginning, things take time. There are lots of details to think through, to learn, and to organize while starting a company. At some point, I expect the company to grow to 10 people and make the best positive impact on the world.

As always, I am open to your opinions and suggestions, as I am interested in increasing the quality of those projects and giving more value.

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Cover image by Jen Theodore.